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To Browse the catalogue, use:
This will walk you through our instrumental categories.

You can also browse the catalogue from the Specials available from the home page on the left hand side. These include some popular requests and should save you time.


To perform a simple search of the catalogue, type in a few consecutive letters into the search box on the navigation bar in the top left hand corner of the main screen.

Some examples:

  • sonat   for "Moonlight Sonata"
  • Moz   for "Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart"
  • flut   for "Flute Duets"

In other words, keep it simple! The search is not "case sensitive".

Click on to begin your search.

What you type in the Search for field does not have to be the first few letters of what you seek.
For example, will find:

  • Pastiches
  • Flute Gymnastics
  • Pastime With Good Company
  • Atarah's Elastic Band

To search in more than one field, click on which enables some very specific searching under title, composer, instrumental category and more simultaneously.

When you have entered your search criteria, click on

Again, keep it simple - up to half a dozen characters is usually enough in each field.

If you are searching for a piece called "Natasha's Hedgehog" and you know it is written by Graham Lyons and published by Useful Music, fill in all this information for maximum speed:

Book title (or piece of music)
Composer/arranger/editor [Surname]

When you see the results of your search, you will notice that initially we only display each book's title. If there is a list of contents available for a particular book, you are offered a link to it as follows:
See Contents

If you want to try again, follow the link back and have another go.


Whether you browse or search, you can Customise the way you view our titles in two ways:


But nothing will happen unless you click:

When you Sort Results by Composer, you may find the same book listed more than once.
For example: a violin album may be listed under Bach and then Beethoven as composers, and further down the list under Cowles as arranger. This same book will only appear once if you Sort Results by Title, Catalogue Number or Price.

As another example, when you order by Instrumental Category, Simon Hunt's Melodies for Pleasure appears three times: under Flute, Oboe and Clarinet. When Sort Results is set to Title, this book appears only once.

There are other preferences that you can edit and save in 'My Account' (see top right-hand side of screen).


To Purchase an item, click on:

Feel free to continue to "shop" by adding items to your order until you are ready to "checkout". You can always delete items from your order if you change your mind later.

Viewing your order

Click on at any time to see the progress of your order, edit quantities and check prices. Alternatively, you can keep an eye on the number of items and total cost of your order without clicking the button by glancing at the two numbers at the top of the screen.


When you are happy with your order, click on and complete the address form.

Fields highlighted in YELLOW are mandatory and must be completed to purchase on-line.

When you are happy, click on and fill in your credit or debit card details.

Payment Methods

We do not charge for any item until it is ready to send.

We accept credit or debit card payment by Visa, Mastercard, Switch, VisaDelta or Solo, but not American Express. If you are paying with a non-UK credit card, your account will be debited with the UK sterling equivalent at the time of order fulfillment.

You can also choose NOT to pay for your goods online, in which case we will send you an invoice. Goods will be sent to you on receipt of your payment. Alternatively, you can print out your order and post it with a cheque (in sterling only please) to South London Music (see address details below).

Contact details

South London Music
47 Grove Vale
East Dulwich
SE22 8EQ

Telephone: 020 8693 9879
Mobile: 07957 461677

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If you have any ideas, comments, criticisms or thoughts
PLEASE DO send us your feedback or simply Email us.

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