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Composer Information: Georg Kopprasch

Georg Kopprasch was a German composer and horn player. Very little is known about his life, except that he was born sometime before 1800 and continued his career as a horn player at least until 1832. Kopprasch is mainly known for his second set of Horn etudes, op. 6. This set of 60 etudes is often published as two books, neither of which should be confused with his first set of etudes, op. 5.

Kopprasch's Sixty Selected Studies for French Horn is studied by the majority of horn students studying at an advanced level. Most of the etudes focus on technical problems relating to the high range of the Horn. Due to a misread by an early editor, these studies are often attributed to "C. Kopprasch". These etudes have also been transcribed for other brass instruments, such as tuba and trombone.

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