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The Oxford Book of English Madrigals

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for SATB unaccompanied.


This book presents 60 of the very best madrigals for SATB, chosen from the many hundreds of possible candidates. The major composers of the genre are each represented by several madrigals and the lesser figures by one or more.



Bateson: Those Sweet Delightful Lilies
Bennet: All Creature Now
Bennet: Weep, O Mine Eyes
Byrd: Lullaby, My Sweet Little Baby
Byrd: This Sweet and Merry Month of May
Byrd: Though Amaryllis Dance
Cavendish: Come, Gentle Swains
East: Poor is the Life
East: Quick, Quick, Away, Dispatch!
East: No Haste But Good!
Farmer: Fair Nymphs, I Heard One Telling
Farmer: Fair Phyllis I Saw
Farnaby: Consture My Meaning
Gibbons: Ah, Dear Heart
Gibbons: Dainty Fine Bird
Gibbons: O That the Learned Poets
Gibbons: The Silver Swan
Gibbons: Trust Not Too Much, Fair Youth
Gibbons: What is our Life?
Greaves: Come Away, Sweet Love
Kirbye: See What a Maze of Error
Morley: April is in my Mistress' Face
Morley: Fyer, Fyer!
Morley: Hard by a Crystal Fountain
Morley: I Love, Alas, I Love Thee
Morley: Leave, Alas, This Tormenting
Morley: My Bonny Lass She Smileth
Morley: Now is the Month of Maying
Morley: Sing We and Chant It
Morley: Though Philomela Lost Her Love
Morley: Whither Away So Fast?
Ramsey: Sleep, Fleshly Birth
Tomkins: Adieu, Ye City-Prisoning Towers
Tomkins: Music Divine
Tomkins: O Yes! Has any Found a Lad?
Tomkins: See, See the Shepherds' Queen
Tomkins: Too Much I Once Lamented
Vautor: Mother, I Will Have a Husband
Vautor: Sweet Suffolk Owl
Ward: Come, Sable Night
Weelkes: As Vesta Was
Weelkes: Come, Sirrah Jack, Ho!
Weelkes: Hark, All Ye Lovely Saints
Weelkes: O Care, Thou Wilt Despatch Me
Weelkes: Hence, Care, Thou Art Too Cruel
Weelkes: Since Robin Hood
Weelkes: Sing We At Pleasure
Weelkes: Strike It Up, Tabor
Weelkes: Thule the Period of Cosmography
Weelkes: The Andalusian Merchant
Weelkes: Thus Sings My Dearest Jewel
Wilbye: Adieu Sweet Amaryllis
Wilbye: Draw On, Sweet Night
Wilbye: Flora Gave Me Fairest Flowers
Wilbye: Lady, When I Behold
Wilbye: O What Shall I Do?
Wilbye: Sweet Honey-Sucking Bees
Wilbye: Yet, Sweet, Take Heed
Wilbye: Weep, Weep, Mine Eyes

Cat No. OUP343664
Supplier Code 9780193436640
Price £18.95
Composer Various
EditorPhilip Ledger
CategoryChoral Songs (mixed Voices)
PublisherOUP - Oxford University Press
ISBN 978-0-19-343664-0
ISBN-10 0-19-343664-7
EAN-13 9780193436640
Weight 510 grams
Published 9th November 1978
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