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Cello Time Joggers (Book & CD) Pupils Book

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Includes CD

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A first book of easy pieces for Cello by Kathy and David Blackwell.

A great source of early pieces for those still finding their feet with this demanding instrument. Fun to play and easy to learn, this set of melodies will help to develop coordination and confidence in your playing.


  • Algy met a bear
  • C string boogie
  • Calypso time
  • Cattle ranch blues
  • Cello Time
  • Chinese garden
  • Chopsticks for two
  • City lights
  • Clare's song
  • Copy cat
  • Distant bells
  • Down up
  • Fast Lane
  • Happy go lucky
  • Here it comes!
  • In flight
  • In the groove
  • Katie's waltz
  • Knock, knock!
  • Lazy cowboy
  • Lazy scale
  • Lift off!
  • Listen to the rhythm
  • On the prowl
  • Patrick's reel
  • Ready, steady, go now!
  • Rhythm fever
  • Rocking horse
  • Rowing boat
  • Runaway train
  • So there!
  • Summer sun
  • Tap dancer
  • The old castle
  • Tiptoe, boo!
  • Travellin' slow
  • Under arrest!
  • Walking bass
  • Bow down, O Belinda
  • Jim along Josie
  • Phoebe in her petticoat
  • Stamping dance
  • Off to Paris
  • Hil an' gully rider
  • Ally Bally
Syllabus info
Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music: Bowed Strings 2020 - 2023   (until Dec 2023)  

Cello - grade 1
Cat No. OUP322087
Supplier Code 9780193220874
Price £9.50
ComposersDavid Blackwell
Kathy Blackwell
Traditional American
Traditional Czech
Traditional French
Traditional Jamaican
Traditional Scottish
CategoriesCello & Piano
Cello Tutor
PublisherOUP - Oxford University Press
SeriesCello Time
ISBN 978-0-19-322087-4
ISBN-10 0-19-322087-3
EAN-13 9780193220874
Weight 170 grams
Published 25th July 2002
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