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Tongue 'n' Groove - Solos for Clarinet with CD

Cover photograph Price £9.50

Includes CD

Duration: 20m 12s

At last, a successor to the much-acclaimed Cool School. Sixteen irresistible solos in a plethora of styles including funk, swing, ragtime, rock 'n' roll and calypso. They work unaccompanied or with the attached backing/demo CD. Concert pitch chord symbols are provided for optional piano or guitar accompaniment. Like Cool School, the book has a certain 'muso appeal', designed to instantly raise the enjoyment levels of teachers as well as students.

Straight Talkin'
Poached Eggs
The Glimpse
Blues Alley
Count Lykemadd
Rise and Fall
Easy Street
Rocket Roll
E-Type Jig
Life on Cloud Eight
Oily Rag
Minimal Man
Rockin' Horse

Syllabus info
Trinity College London: Woodwind Syllabus 2017-2020   (until Dec 2020)  

Clarinet in Bb - grade 1
Clarinet in Bb - grade 2
Clarinet in Bb - grade 3
Cat No. GUM202
Supplier Code 202
Price £9.50
ComposerChris Gumbley
CategoryClarinet Solo
PublisherGumbles Publications
Difficulty level1 - 5
Weight 104 grams
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