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The Bird Fancyer's Delight

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The Bird Fancyer's Delight - 43 tunes for teaching caged birds to sing.

for unaccompanied Sopranino (or Treble) Recorder.


  • a) 10 Tunes for the Bullfinch
  • b) 9 Tunes for the Canary Bird
  • c) 6 Tunes for the Linnet
  • d) 4 Tunes for the Wooklark
  • e) 3 Tunes for the Skylark
  • f) 3 Tunes for the Starling
  • g) 2 Tunes for the Parrot
  • h) 2 Tunes for the Nightingale
  • i) A Tune for the Sparrow
  • j) A Tune for the East India Nightingale
  • k) A Tune for the Throstle
Cat No. ED10442
Supplier Code 10442
Price £9.99
ComposerStanley Godman
CategoryTreble Recorder Solo
Difficulty level1 - 3
ISMN 979-0-2201-0259-2
EAN-13 9790220102592
Weight 86 grams
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