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Cornet Method

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This famous method for cornet is just as popular for all brass instruments in treble clef and contains everything from basic exercises to advanced solos.


Regarded by most brass teachers world wide as the tutor book or the "brass players bible".
It is used by all aspiring brass players at some stage to develop their technique and ability. The book is substantial and will be your companion for many years, with over 250 (oversize) printed pages, the book weighs in at just short of a Kilogram. Buy it and you will be impressed!


Report by the Committee of Musical Studies in the Paris Conservatoire
Editor's Preface


1. Introduction
2. Table of fingering
3. Compass of the Cornet
4. Cornet in C
5. The Slides and tuning
6. The Mouthpiece
7. Producing the Sound
8. Breathing
9. Faults to be avoided
10. Explanation of the exercises
11. Exercises
12. Syncopation
13. Dotted quavers
14. Six - eight time
15. The Slur explained
16. Exercises on the Slur
17. Scales explained
18. Major Scales
19. Minor Scales
20. Chromatic Scales
21. Chromatic Triplets

1. Grace notes explained
2. Preparatory exercises for the Gruppetto
3. The Gruppetto or Turn
4. The Double appoggiatura
5. The simple Appoggiatura
6. The short Appoggiatura
7. The Portamento
8. Preparatory exercises for the Trill
9. The Trill or Shake
10. The Mordente or passing Shake
11. Intervals and Chords explained
12. Mixed Intervals
13. Octaves and Tenths
14. Triplets
15. Exercises in Semiquavers
16. Major and Minor Common Chords
17. The Dominant Seventh
18. The Diminished Seventh
19. Fourteen Cadenzas
20. Triple tongueing explained
21. Double tongueing explained
22. Exercises in Triple tongueing
23. Exercises in Double tongueing
24. The Slur and Double tongue
25. Trumpet tongueing

1. Index to Eighteen solos
2. Final Observations
3. Fourteen Grand Studies
4. Eighteen Solos

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Price £24.99
ComposerJean-Baptiste Arban
EditorJohn Fitzgerald
CategoriesTrumpet Tutor
Cornet Tutor
Brass Tutor (general)
PublisherBoosey and Hawkes
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