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Baroque Keyboard Pieces, Book 1 (easy)

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The Baroque Keyboard Pieces series

These five volumes form a collection of keyboard music from 1600 to 1750, offering a fairly representative selection of the forms, styles and composers of that period. They provide both scholarly performing editions and sources of enlightenment on performance conventions and are edited by Dr Richard Jones, a leading Bach scholar.

Piano Solo. 64 pages.


  • 15. Minuet in A minor, Z. 649 (Purcell)
Cat No. AB4584
Supplier Code 9781854724588
Price £10.00
Composer Various
EditorDr Richard Jones
Piano Solo
Sh Harpiscord Repertoire
PublisherABRSM Publishing Ltd
SeriesBaroque Keyboard Pieces
Difficulty level1 - 2
ISBN 978-1-85472-458-8
ISBN-10 1-85472-458-4
EAN-13 9781854724588
Weight 224 grams
Published 7th February 1991
Availability In Print


... a good introductory guide to the historical context of the pieces and to their appropriate performance... an excellent introduction to the repertoire, and the introductory material and footnotes to its performance practice.

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