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A Little Keyboard Book

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Piano (or Harpsichord) Solo. 64 pages.


  • Applicato in C BWV994
  • Five Preludes No. 1 in C BWV924
  • Four Preludes No.1 in C BWV939
  • Fugue in C BWV953
  • Jesu, meine Freude BWV753
  • No. 2 in G minor
  • No.2 in C minor BWV934
  • No.2 in D BWV925
  • No.2 in D minor BWV 926
  • No.2 in D minor BWV 940
  • No.2 in G minor BWV842
  • No.3 in D minor BWV935
  • No.3 in E minor BWV932
  • No.3 in E minor BWV941
  • No.3 in F BWV 927
  • No.3 in G BWV843
  • No.4 in A minor BWV942
  • No.4 in D major BWV936
  • No.4 in G minor BWV 930
  • No.5 in E major BWV937
  • No.5 in F BWV 928
  • No.6 in E minor BWV938
  • Prelude in C BWV943
  • Sic Preludes No. 1 in C major BWV933
  • Three Minuets No. 1 in G BWV841
  • Three Preludes No.1 in C BWV924a
  • Two Allemnades No. 1 in G minor
  • Wer nur den lieben Gott lässt walten BWV691
  • Allemande
  • Courante
  • Partita in G minor
  • Suite in A
Cat No. AB343X
Supplier Code 9781854723437
Price £11.50
ComposersJohann Sebastian Bach
J C Richter
Gottfried Heinrich Stölzel
Georg Philipp Telemann
EditorDr Richard Jones
CategoryPiano Solo
PublisherABRSM Publishing Ltd
Difficulty level2 - 8
ISBN 978-1-85472-343-7
ISBN-10 1-85472-343-X
EAN-13 9781854723437
Weight 234 grams
Published 1st June 1988
Availability In Print


Edited and annotated by Richard Jones, there are 39 pieces in this volume which is intended as a first book of Bach for keyboard player - not for beginners however. This book could be used as a preliminary to the Two Part Inventions, French and English Suites, Partitas and the 48. The contents include Preludes, Allemandes, Minuets, Choral Preludes, together with the Telemann Suite in A and an Allemande and Courante by J C Richter. It is fully fingered by Bach with editorial fingering shown in italics.

Music Teacher

This album enables the young pupil to study a wealth of music before attempting the 48

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